In this era we are in, we are quite fortunate to have access to the kind of tools we do. This means anyone can have a business idea today and actively begin selling tomorrow. Technology has provided us with all the tools we need, from marketing to sales, customer relationship management, payroll, and human resources.

Marketing and Sales

When it comes to running a business, especially a new one, the importance of marketing, putting word out there and getting feedback cannot be overemphasized. Social media is by far the biggest marketing tool I know of right now. You can put professional information on LinkedIn, so people can relate to you through your achievements and experience, giving them a sense of comfort from your educational background. Here you can meet professionals in similar fields hence build your network.

A picture being worth a thousand words comes to play here. Your target market has direct access to see what they want to buy, can connect and converse with you, see reviews from previous buyers and even ask questions. They can go ahead and put good reviews directly on your page which others can see, not to talk of referrals. You are also checked because bad press is very swift as far as this platform is concerned. Facebook and Twitter are similar tools you can use to upload marketing content and get instant feedback.

Customer Relationship Management

Following up with your customer base, thanking them for purchases and telling them personally about new products or discounts can easily be done with tools like bulk SMS or bulk email. Tools like Vtiger CRM can help you seamlessly manage your client base.

Organization and Operations

Having a to-do list is a very great way to manage your day to day affairs. Your smartphone can easily remind you of daily tasks, meetings, calls, emails you need to send, birthdays and anniversaries. Trello, Evernote or Todoist are very efficient tools a business owner can use for free to make life easier. In the past, one would have needed a secretary and or a personal assistant to do all the above, and have to check up to see that all the work is being done. Now one person can seamlessly do all these and even use a financial management app like ‘Mint’ to track and maintain finances on a daily basis. All the above means less cost, more organization, close monitoring and great results if you use the tools in an efficient manner. Technology is truly a blessing and anyone can become a home business owner today.

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